Our Investments


Name: Yummy, Inc. (YC S21)
Foundation Year: 2020
Industry: Logistics
App: Yummy Rocket, Yummy Rides, Yummy SuperApp, Yaigo
Status: Active

Yummy (YC S21) is the first super app in Venezuela. It is the most downloaded and fastest growing app in the country and has exclusive contracts with national merchants including McDonald’s and the largest pharmacy and supermarket chains in the country. It provides last-mile logistics, quick commerce, and ridesharing for the entire national market while making all purchases convenient for users, drivers, and merchants. Yummy is also present in Chile and Peru, in addition to Bolivia and Paraguay where it operates under the Yaigo (You Ask, I Go) brand.

Vicente Zavarce, Yummy’s CEO, was named by Bloomberg as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs in Latin America for 2021. The award encompasses both the economic as well as the social value the firm adds to the region.

Epakon was the first investor in Yummy. As part of Diego’s involvement with the firm, he joined the board and became the head of Strategic Finance. Diego works hand in hand with the CEO and executive team on strategic initiatives such as M&A, geographical and product expansion as well as financial considerations such as fundraising and cash flow and unit economics optimization.


Name: Obsidiam
Foundation Year: 2020
Industry: Fintech
Website: www.obsidiam.com
Status: Active

Obsidiam is a fintech company that leverages blockchain technology to provide financial and commercial services in Latin America. Its services include cryptocurrency custody, exchange, escrow, and payments.

The firm is based in San José, Costa Rica, and within the jurisdiction of Free Trade Zone companies. The firm operates in Colombia under the supervision of the National Financial Authority. Obsidiam’s goal is to be a promoter of blockchain technology for the benefit and inclusion of the Latin American community.

Through its products, Obsidiam offers an ecosystem that allows users access and usability of cryptocurrencies as an investment tool, and most importantly, in their everyday lives: paying for goods and services, sending payments to friends and family, cashing in, and cashing out.

Epakon is a pre-seed investor in Obsidiam. As part of its involvement with the company, Epakon advises the CEO on financial planning, strategic expansion, and fundraising for the firm and the CTO in the company’s product and IT roadmap execution.


Name: Vikua
Foundation Year: 2017
Industry: Urbantech, SaaS
Website: www.vikua.com
Status: Active

Vikua is harnessing the power of technology to change the UrbanTech industry, especially in the intermediate cities in Latin America. By providing a SaaS Urban Services management platform, called URBO, complemented by its IoT devices and AI algorithms, Vikua can dynamically respond to the conditions of city living and improve the efficiency of urban assets. Delivered on a game-changer B2G model, its city clients are able to access innovation, scale their operational capacities and integrate all the stakeholders in the city to generate a positive impact on the quality of life.

Epakon is a pre-seed investor in Vikua. As part of its involvement with the company, Epakon advises the CEO on the firm’s strategic roadmap as well as fundraising.


Name: Ecto (formerly Cryoocyte)
Foundation Year: 2013
Industry: Biotech SaaS
Website: www.ecto.com
Status: 50% Active / 50% Exit

Ecto develops technology at the intersection of data and biology to enable a more efficient and sustainable aquaculture industry. The firm collaborates with farmers to streamline production and health management by leveraging advanced molecular tools and digital technologies. To date, its solutions have enabled farmers to create 50 million+ additional healthy servings of protein.

Ecto has offices in Boston, Atlanta, and Stavanger Norway, and serves customers all over the world. The company was founded at Harvard Innovation Labs in 2013. The company has received competitive research grants from the US National Science Foundation, US Department of Agriculture, and Innovation Norway.


Name: Pets Table, Inc.
Foundation: 2020
Industry: Consumer
Website: www.petstable.mx
Status: Active

Pet’s Table is pioneering the pet subscription food and wellness category in Mexico by providing a healthier, more seamless, and customizable way for pet owners to feel better about their pet’s daily food choices. Pet’s Table produces human-grade and freshly made meals with real ingredients pets love to eat, tailoring it to each of their individual nutritional needs and delivering it directly to homes around the country.

Epakon was an early-stage investor in Pet’s Table. As part of Diego’s involvement with the company, he joined the board as an advisor and oversaw raising the initial rounds of funding as well as advising the CEO and executive team on subjects ranging from operating economics management to financial planning.

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